business events fund


About the Business Event Fund

Following on from this year’s success on the Green, Camberwell Fair is delighted to announce that it is able to support 3 local businesses to host their own event in Camberwell. This could be a performance, a workshop, a talk, a launch of a new product with canapes and special decorations… whatever you can imagine to help promote your business locally. Events must take place between January and May 2018, in the lead up to Camberwell Fair 2018 . To facilitate this, the Fair can offer:

-               £200 per business to spend on any aspect of the event

-               Marketing support and advice

-               Promotion of the event via Camberwell Fair social media channels

-               Event management advice and support on: logistics, hires, licensing, health and safety, staffing, ticketing, audience management etc.

-               Hospitality solutions

-               Advice on partnerships with other local businesses / organisations who might add to your event

-               Guidance on booking artists, performers, workshop leaders

To achieve this, Camberwell Fair staff will meet with the successful businesses at least once to advise and assist, and be available by email and telephone to support the event going forward.


Why Run An Event?

Events are ways to bring people in the local community together to experience something they might not have tried before. They bring new audiences to a place and makes them aware of other opportunities/organisations/businesses that they may not have noticed or visited before. They help customers to see a brand or a business in a new light, and offers them a chance to engage with that business more deeply and get to know it, feel part of it and more likely to return to it. Events are also wonderful ways to engage with customers online, whether they can attend or not, it gives the host something to talk about which is new and exciting, and an impetus for new customers to follow you online and increase your mailing list.


How to Apply:

Please fill in the form and return it to by midnight on Sunday 26th November 2017.

We appreciate that you may not have a fully planned event, and we are happy to accept proposals which are at the ideas stage. We strongly recommend you give us as much detail as you can, even if it is not confirmed, so we can understand which businesses need our support the most, which events we are able to usefully help with (we do have limits to our abilities!) and which are most likely to yield best rewards for the business itself. These are the only measures of our decision making. Note Events must take place in Camberwell and be open to the public. 2 or more businesses may apply together, or with other partners (eg charities, community organisations, artists).


If Your Application Is Successful:

We will confirm successful applications by the end of the first week of December.

Events must take place between January and May 2018. Businesses must agree to do a simple evaluation of their event after it takes place, and record the number of attendees.


Data Protection:

The personal information gathered from this form will be kept securely and confidentially by Camberwell Fair organisers. Product and stall information will be used for research by Camberwell Fair and for promotional purposes.



If you have any questions about this application process, please contact