Shahlaa Discovers


A showcase of mixed styles from the amazing Jamilah, Margin Kings, Josh Massey, Nadia Rose, Akua, Latir, 4i and Reppatwa.

Grand Wa Zoo

Live hip-hop and soul

Jay (Julian David Mika), Ryo (Oscar Ryo Prentis), and Lili Caseley (Elizabeth Caseley) are Grand Wa Zoo. Formed in 2012, the group takes its influence from 90s hip hop, putting their own stamp on the UK sound and the international scene. Both Jay and Ryo rhyme, and, together with Lili’s smooth singing, the group have a unique sound, full of real emotion and soul.



span’nər-tāte’s psychedelic European folk is awry with theatrical tragedy, surreal French fantasies and delicately woven ethereal harmonies. They assemble ancient folk traditions interchangeably upon the accordion, recorder, clarinet, and more, gaining inspiration from Sephardic, Hungarian and Balkan folk, as well as the Incredible String Band and Jacques Brel.

Cecil Reuben (Jahrevelationmuzik)


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Sam Berkson reads Christopher Logue


Sam Berkson has been performing poetry all over the UK and beyond since 2002. He hosts Hammer & Tongue in East London and the Re:Versed show on NTS radio. Sam will be reading Christopher Logue. A resident of Camberwell for many years until his death in 2011, Logue was a screenwriter, actor, playwright and poet. One of the first British 'performance poets', he recorded his work over jazz in the 1950s and was making ''poster poems' in the 1960s.

Raleigh Rye


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Little Number


Formed by long time Camberwell resident Paul Brett (founding member of Yaaba Funk), Little Number's sound is influenced by blues, funk, reggae and soul, with touches of African and psych-rock.

Juju Rock

Afro rock

Juju Rock is a guitar led fire-starting instrumental quartet cooking up a potent blend of vibrant African cross-rhythms, heavily influenced by gritty funk rock elements and blues.



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Rock/indie quartet

POLSKY was invented by songwriter and producer Chris Warren. It is a form of multi-music that is mined from underneath pop’s surface. New emotions are discovered, then transmitted to be re-imagined!

Bity Booker


Bity Booker sings her own songs accompanied by classical guitar. With her unique song-writing style she weaves elements of folk, pop and psychedelic whimsy to create brilliant self-penned songs. Bity Booker has a unique and quirky style incorporating soft, stunning operatic vocals to rhythmical guitar patterns and soft fingerpicking, add the odd bell and the mystery is complete.