An incredible team of Artists designed and constructed all the decorations for the Camberwell Fair Festival at the Remakery, creating unique structures entirely from scrap wood and recycled material.

The Remakery is a local collective that encourages the reuse of scrap material, giving it a second, maybe third life… and so on…Everything is made from reused materials including flags, stage sets and signs.

Architect and spatial designer Lubna Fakhry and her team designed and made all the decorations and sets for the fair at the Remakery. Collaborating with students from Camberwell School of Arts and the Oasis Children's Venture in Stockwell; the team included Illustrators Ireene Montemurro, Toxo Marino and Keziah Mornin, artist Matt Lee, remaker Stephney Bent and craft designer Unta Taiwo.

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MEET the collaborators:

Lubna Fakhry // architect & spatial designer:

Ireene Moco // illustrator (Camberwell School of Arts):

Toxo Marino // Illustrator & Prop designer:

Keziah Mornin // illustrator (Camberwell School of Arts)

Matt Lee // Artist (Camberwell School of Arts)

Unta Taiwo // Craft designer & helper

Marc Ovenden // Remakery Director:

Bua // Set designer & technical assistance

Stephney Bent // remaker & craft designer:

Nathalie Alcock // Oasis Children's Venture: