djeuhdjoah & lieutenant nicholson

wormfood stage


The two friends could have met on a basketball court under the south Parisian subway, which they frequented assiduously, but separately in the heart of the 90s. It was nothing ... The theater of the first contact is the place where was conceived their first opus, a collection of afropéennes and jazzy melodies, concocted therefore to the triangle of Bermuda, home studio of the Lieutenant Nicholson, true sound architect of the project.

Rebound ... Lieutenant Nicholson is not on his first record delivery. Autumn 2008 appeared the Hotel de Sers, album made for the establishment of the same name with already DjeuhDjoah among the many speakers (Hindi Zahra, Bear, Kadja Nsé, Mickee 3000, Serge Rezvani ... to name a few).

Stirring your brain and toes is a delight to listen to DjeuhDjoah and Lieutenant Nicholson.

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