Duncan Brooker - Strut REcords

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DJ, compiler and record collector extraordinaire Duncan
Brooker has played a pivotal role in the rediscovery of “lost”
African recordings from the 50’s through to the 90’s. His
game-changing late 1990s compilations “Afro
Rock” and “Nigeria 70” kick-started the current global
interest in African Music, bringing a host of forgotten stars -
including the legendary William Onyeabor - to the attention of
the world for the first time. 
Subsequent compilations have included the critically
acclaimed “Next Stop Soweto” series (Strut) and the
groundbreaking “London is the Place for Me" collections
(Honest Jons), all of which demonstrate the range of
Brooker's knowledge and the unrivalled depth of his DJ
selections. As chief complier for Strut Records he
still travels regularly to Africa and the Caribbean to bring
back rediscovered gems from every corner of the globe.