Local business was at the heart of Camberwell Fair, with a wide range of Camberwell businesses running pop-ups on the day, as well as offering discounts for a month after the event on presentation of the Camberwell Fair wristband.

Dave's Kutz

Men's Barbers on Camberwell Road.

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Legal consultancy on Camberwell New Road.

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ViNTiCK are the official vintage Nike specialist. 

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Brixton Acupuncture & Shiatsu Space

A health and wellbeing project in the heart of Brixton. 

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Beauticians on Camberwell Church Street.

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The largest art shop south of the river!

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Georgia Bosson & Cecily Vessey

Georgia Bosson specialises in designing products which are contemporary, colourful and tactile. 

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Holly Anna Flowers

Freelance florist based in Loughborough Junction. 

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Speciality: Pished Pirate

Location: Pop-up

Favourite fact about Camberwell: The old well of Camberwell used to be guarded in the 1800s by a terrible chap who went by the name of Old Scriven. He would be quite ferocious to anyone who tried to access the well unless they had the proper papers, or passport, allowing them entry.

About The Pished Fish: The Pished Fish was started in 2014 after a long period of experimentation with smoking and curing salmon. The increasing pressure from friends and family to start selling on a more professional basis became too much to bear and thus James Eagle created The Pished Fish... combining ideas and techniques used in both gravlax and smoked salmon, the end product is aromatic, smoky with a wisp of boozy flavours.

Try the Pished Pirate - cured in spiced rum, fresh ginger and molasses. Or for something more delicate try the Aquavit, beetroot and star anise cured salmon - smoked lightly over apple, alder and beech woods.

Everything is done by hand in small batches at the Pished Fish Smokery in Camberwell, London. Find them at Oval, Herne Hill farmers markets. West Norwood Feast and Duke Of York Square market.



Speciality: Scotch eggs

Location: Can be found in great pubs/deli's around UK

About Pig and Hay: We are a small South London based company specialising in gourmet scotch eggs & sausage rolls. In 2012 we took to the streets to sell our handmade pork treats in London markets. Since then, we've moved onto selling our goods in some of London's best craft beer pubs. Our products are made fresh every day, using ethically sourced ingredients, and are entirely handmade, from the breadcrumbs to the pastry. Say goodbye to dry, flavourless supermarket scotch eggs, and hello to our delicious, gourmet treats!


Mangia, Mangia

Mangia, Mangia! (Eat, Eat!) Is a creative culinary collaboration between Capo Caccia Fine Food and Pastificio Mansiansi. Capo Caccia’s trader Antonio finds the freshest cheese and charcuterie from the best artisans in Sardinia and makes it available to us locally via the London market scene. Emanuela from Pastificio Mansi crafts fresh handmade pasta right on the spot, and runs pasta workshops where you can fill Ravioli with a variety of mouth-watering fillings such as Gorgonzola and Pear.


Whippy King

Ice cream van with the very best vanilla soft whippy ice cream, flavoured scoop ice cream (lemon ice, bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, chocolate and mind choc chip) and lollies of different varieties.


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Camberwell Community Building

Camberwell Community Building is an initiative inspired by the Baha’i Faith. Community building activities, much like the ones in Camberwell, take root in over 200 countries worldwide representing over 2,000 ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups.

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ATD Fourth World

ATD FOURTH WORLD is a human rights-based, anti-poverty organisation with more than 40 years' experience of engaging with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty in the UK.

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Scott 'n Wiseman Performing Arts

Since 1999, Scott 'n' Wiseman has been providing tuition in tap, modern, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, singing and drama, demolishing boundaries between styles. At Scott 'n' Wiseman, we believe that every child has a hidden talent and we aim to uncover it. 

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Dance Academy Gotitas De Sabor

Gottias de Sabor is a dance academy established in 2008. Our mission is to promote the diverse Latin American culture in the UK. We offer dance lessons for two age groups: juniors from 5 to 12 yrs and seniors from 14+. 

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