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The BALAPHONICS music is characterized by a spontaneous dance steps, a real team spirit and a brightly vintage dresscode.
The sound Balaphonics is carried by 9 musicians devoted, raised to the music of street as to the great scenes of festivals. The group and the scene melt, and like an erupting volcano, throw all their energy into the crowd in a bath of madness.

Earth and air are summoned with the Balaphonics, echoing the African roots of their music which is centred around the Balaphon.
Surrounding this is a Brass Band that has spread through the dreams of these musicians.
In the airspace: a wind section that has been welded for more than ten years to the sounds of the world, funk, and jazz infuses audiences with percussive melodies and cathartic improvisations.
On land: percussion, drums, balafon and guitar unroll a groove carpet from highlife, bikutsi or mandingo, as many rhythms, for so many dance steps.